To Games For Android Smartphones



Best Android Games for Smartphone

Angry Birds:

This is the world famous popular game among all the Smartphone users, there are a large number of people have played this amazing game for the on their Smartphone having android operating system and the users of IOS are also playing this game as well as the Smartphone users who have windows OS for their phones have also been playing this famous game.

The most important cause for the installation of this app is to release its free versions and now it is accessible for every android user. You can download it’s free and latest versions angry birds. As the game is showing its type in the name, in this game you have to destroy some building made with some pieces of wood by throwing birds with the help of a rubber band. For latest updates and the android games news visit and to know About Androidpulse .


The game is one of the most popular games for Smartphone users who want to play the easy games with the sensual touch system of their phone. It will be very impressive for the fans of games that they will enjoy its great features with proper sound and beautiful display.

In this game you have to make a group of 3 bubbles of the same color, once you make a 3 bubbles’ combination the bubbles will be exposed and the next will come. We hope you will must enjoy while playing this color full and it will also a healthy exercise for your mind.

Red Stone:

This is one of the best and hardest games for your android phone, if you are a fan of games which will be popular for the better use of your mind. This is a unique android game news as you would never play this game before. It would be hard and impressive for you as you have to explain a mystery game in the in black and white word, but gravely. For the tam android you can visit

Angry Birds Star Wars:

Above we have discussed just about Angry Birds and it is the world famous game in all over the world but this is a new android game news for you that now angry birds start wars game is also available for you as this is one of the most popular and impressive games of its kind. As we know star wars is the world famous movie from the 19’s and now it is most important that you have to make something better for your entertainment.